T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)

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Did you know that Victoria Taiji Academy offers classes, programs and seminars for all ages, shapes and fitness levels?

Would you like to feel five years younger? In choosing a wellness program Tai Chi is an excellent choice because it joins the low impact movements of turning the waist and sinking the hips to enhance strength, flexibility, balance, organ system stimulation and energy production.

Taijiquan is a combination of health art and self defense art. Most people today come to it either to preserve their health or because of specific health problems. Taiji is promoted by The Arthritis Society and as an aid in slowing Alzheimers. It is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is known in China as the way to gain Eternal Spring (strong, robust and supple into old age).

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Tai Chi improves overall fitness, coordination, and agility.


People who practice Tai Chi on a regular basis tend to have good posture, flexibility,


and range of motion, are more mentally alert, and sleep more soundly at night.