Chen Style Tai Chi

Master Liu with Grandmaster Hong Junsheng

Master Liu with Grandmaster Hong Junsheng

Chen Taiji (Tai Chi) is the original version of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and retains more of its martial origins. This Taiji is a more robust version, sometimes performed faster. Chen Taiji has a strong emphasis on stance work and opening and stretching all the joints of the body. This Taiji is usually more popular with younger people but is also great for mature adults who are active and want to remain active into old age. This is truly a life long art.

Our Chen Taiji comes from, Grandmaster Hong Junsheng through his disciple, Master Liu ChengDe. Sifu Gordon Muir met Master Liu in Jinan, China and is now fully commited to his Hong Chuan Chen Shi Taijiquan (Hongs Method of Chen Style Tai Chi).

Classes for Beginning Chen Style Taiji are held on Monday and Wednesdays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. Location is CDI College gym, 950 Kings Road, Victoria, BC.

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